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Easy steps to booking a consultation

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Book your virtual or in-person consult with a cannabinoid prescriber, who will prescribe a suitable product for you.

Step 2


Make sure you are registered with IntroCann and have your current and past medications and dosages available.

You are now ready to meet your doctor via secure video link.

Step 3


Once the doctor has completed the application, they will request the non-refundable SAHPRA application fee payment from you of R350 per product prescribed.

Payments via IntroCann Portal

Step 4


Once you have paid the application fee and your application has been approved, you can order and pay for your medicine to be delivered directly to your door.

Payments via IntroCann Portal

Your information is strictly confidential

Only SAHPRA (the medical regulator) will have sight of your application.

Your information is kept strictly confidential and unless you choose to share it with your medical aid, neither they or any other party, will be informed of your application and its outcome.

Consultation fees

Online video consultation fees start from R300. Please check the doctors consultation fees on the booking platform. The cost of the consultation is covered by medical aid.

You further understand that if an appointment is made, this does not guarantee approval and access to medicinal cannabis.

How to access cannabis for medical use

Find a prescribing doctor or medical cannabis clinic near you.

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