Costs and Pricing

The various costs associated with a medicinal cannabis Section 21 Prescription

Pricing and Finance Options

Talk to a registered doctor using text, voice or video. Consultation starts from R75.


Patient Advisor

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Consultations & Repeats

Consultations start at R300.

A cannabinoid prescriber will assess you to understand your needs and requirements. Thereafter, a treatment plan will be designed for qualifying patients.

The cost of the consultation can be claimed by your medical aid.

To renew your script, you will consult with your prescribing doctor once more.


Nurse Advisor

Book a free aftercare appointment with our Nurse Advisor, who is able to assist with dosage adjustments and recommendations, and will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Strain Rotation

Existing patients with dried flower prescriptions who are looking to explore alternate strains due to tolerance, may complete this simple process for R155 per request form.

The SAHPRA Application fee still applies.

Self service

Text-based Consult

R75 per verification callback. Insomnia only.

Self service

WhatsApp Doc

R250 per verification callback

Medical Aid / Health Insurance

Consultations are coded 0130. The procedure code is obtained from the doctor on the invoice to you.  Ask your doctor for the consultation invoice for you to submit to your medical aid.

All of the products are NAPPI Coded, so you may reach out to your medical aid for reimbursement.


Only SAHPRA (the medical regulator) will have sight of your application. Your information is kept strictly confidential and unless you choose to share it with your medical aid, neither they or any other party, will be informed of your application and its outcome.

What to expect from your first consultation 

The prescribing doctor will enquire about the medical condition from which you are suffering.

Our cannabinoid prescribers will also want to discuss your current medications and previous medications utilised for your condition.

Patients are also advised to enquire about the products available to be prescribed, should they have any preferred consumption methods with medicinal cannabis.

The SAHPRA Application Fee 

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) is the medical regulator in South Africa.

To access this medicine locally, a Section 21 Application submitted to SAHPRA is required, for them to either approve or deny the patient for the use of the unregistered medicine.

SAHPRA requires a non-refundable fee of R350, per product prescribed.

IntroCann will assist in facilitating this payment, as the doctor will request this payment from you via email upon completion of the application so it may be submitted.

Product Pricing

Average monthly treatment cost

We have presented the typical cost to a patient with chronic pain in order to assist in better understanding the potential expense of therapy. *Medication costs vary depending on the patient.​​


Average monthly treatment cost for Oil Products


Average monthly treatment cost for Vaporiser Products

Dried Flower

Average monthly treatment cost for Dried Cannabis Products

Get medicine now and Pay later

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Get medicine now and Pay later, with PayFlex

Finance Options

When you choose Payflex at the checkout to pay for your prescribed medicine you can spread the cost of your purchase over 4 easy payments, instead of paying the whole lot upfront.

Payflex lets you get what you need now, but pay for it over four interest-free instalments. You pay 25% upfront, then three payments of 25% over the following six weeks.

No interest, no fees, 4x installments over a 6 week period

How it Works

Step 1

Shop online and fill your cart

Step 2

Choose PayFlex at checkout

Step 3

Get approved and pay 25% today with your debit or credit card

Step 4

Pay the remainder over 6 weeks. No interest. No fees

Get medicine now and Pay later, with ZeroPay

Finance Options

When you choose ZeroPay at the checkout to pay for your prescribed medicine you can spread your purchase in 3 payments with Zero fees and Zero interest.

No interest, no fees, 3x installments

How it Works

Step 1

Shop online and fill your cart

Step 2

Choose ZeroPay at checkout

Step 3

Pay for your medicine in three installments of zero fees and zero interest. Your order is immediately sent.

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