Medicinal Cannabis Treatments and Assessments 

Cannabis Clinics was established to assist South African patients seeking access to legal, local and imported pharma-grade medicinal cannabis through either online or in-person consultations.

Over 100 000 medicinal cannabis patients seen to date

 Our international partner, Cannabis Clinics, has prescribed medicinal cannabis to more than 100 000 patients in Germany, Canada, Australia, Poland, Denmark, France, Columbia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

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Your condition is personal, your treatment should be too

The support you need from people who care. Cannabis Clinics provides leading independent medical advice to assist patients access medicinal cannabis treatments.

We are the first clinic group in South Africa to integrate medical cannabis into the treatment regime of patients suffering from debilitating conditions such as:

Chronic pain



Neuropathic Pain


Multiple sclerosis​

Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting




Our specialist doctors will formulate a treatment regime suited to you and your condition. 

Telemedicine and Walk-In Clinics

Telemedicine is a convenient method of consulting with a cannabis-trained doctor from the comfort of your home, via a secure video connection. Consult with our specialists from anywhere in South Africa.


Everyday people, everyday doctors

The subject of medical cannabis can seem intimidating and confusing.  Our doctors will help de-mystify it and explain the science to you in clear and plain terms, assisting you to determine if you will benefit from integrating this plant-based medicine in your treatment regime.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and our clinic works within the guidelines established by both the HPCSA and SAHPRA.

Our team of cannabinoid-specialist doctors are here to reassure you and help you find the solution that is suited to you. 

Older Adults

Are you over the age of 55 and concerned about the long-term side effects of some of the medication that you are taking? Speak to our doctors about medical cannabis as an effective plant-based alternative.

Older South Africans may be deterred by the stigma attached to cannabis. By consulting with one of our doctors you may find that you have the most to gain from this clinically evidenced natural-medicine. Dependent upon the condition for which you are seeking help it is likely that our doctors will be able to prescribe a cannabis medication format that has no psychoactive effect.  


How it works

Book an appointment

Book an appointment in just a few minutes, with a date and time that suits you.

Meet your specialist Doctor

You’ll be sent a private online video link to talk to your selected doctor in confidence. If you prefer to have an in-person consultation with a doctor that will be arranged for you.

Receive your prescription

Your medicine can be delivered straight to your home or a pharmacy of your choice for collection.

We support you throughout the prescription process

Speak with a Patient Advisor

Your first appointment with Cannabis Clinics is free!

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Consultation Pricing
Starting from R300

A specialist in your specific conditions will assess you to understand your needs and symptoms.

A treatment plan will be designed for qualifying patients. The cost of the consultation is covered by medical aids.

Product Pricing

The approximate cost of products range between R40 and R200 per day, depending on many factors including: the ratio and quantity of THC and CBD in the prescribed product; the amount individually used; the product format (i.e. Sprays, capsules, vapes, oils and flower).

Products and prices should be discussed in consultation with your prescribing doctor. Our products are NAPPI coded, making it more likely that medical aid will reimburse you.

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