Join our Cannabis Clinics Partnership Program

‘Whether you are looking to assist your patients with medicinal cannabis or looking to become a Cannabis Clinics prescribing doctor, we are here to help.

Why join the Cannabis Clinics Partnership Program?

We provide educational training, clinical evidence and ongoing support to doctors who wish to prescribe medicinal cannabis. Doctors can also find comfort in that the consultation fees are guaranteed, with patients making payment upfront in the booking process.

We match and refer eligible patients to suitable cannabinoid prescribers available for virtual consultations. Make yourself available to new patients seeking this treatment today!

Focus on the patient, we do the rest

Become a Cannabis Clinics Partner

Cannabis Clinics are pioneers in medicinal cannabis, leading the way to legal access for patients in South Africa. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing medical treatment options around the globe.

The Cannabis Clinics Partnership Program offers a free-of-charge, back-office service to assist with processing patient applications, freeing you up to continue to see other patients.

Through our partnership, we give you all of the tools, education, and support you need to confidently provide cannabis as a treatment option.

What is the Cannabis Clinics Partnership Program?

Building on our experience with medicinal cannabis in South Africa, and our partners in Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK, the Cannabis Clinics Partnership Program offers a range of benefits which make prescribing cannabis simpler for doctors and patients.

Education and Practical Training

All of our partners receive access to e-learning, webinars and more, to keep you up to date on the latest cannabis news.

Doctors Portal

We provide doctors with a seamless solution to manage their patients and their conditions, including prescriptions and ongoing patient monitoring.

Doctor Mentorship and Support

Our Chief Medical Officer and our network of doctors, both locally and internationally, are available for any questions you have.

Managed Patient Bookings

As part of our portal software, we can seamlessly integrate with your Practice Management Applications to increase appointment bookings, as well as guarantee consult fees.

Brand Presence

As a Cannabis Clinics Partner your clinic will be listed on our website, various social media platforms and at events.

Supporting Patient Education Materials​

From new clinical studies to patient case studies, our network is able to provide access to a wealth of cannabis knowledge and resources.

Cannabis Clinics Branding

By partnering with Cannabis Clinics you gain access to branding linked to our platforms and international relationships.

Managed Product Education and Distribution

We simplify patient access by managing patient and doctor education on product choices; and ensure seamless delivery via our dispensary network.

Our partnership program was designed to simplify patient access to medicinal cannabis.

What does our Partnership Program offer?

Seamless Solution

Between our doctor's portal and continuous education, you are provided with all of the tools needed to feel confident prescribing medicinal cannabis.

Help More Patients

With the tools you need at your fingertips you will be able to increase your patient count by serving one of the fastest growing areas of medical interest.

Simplified Process

We have simplified and automated the process of applying for medicinal cannabis in South Africa, from consult, to follow-up, to delivery.

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